Cascadia Liqueur Cocktail Recipe Roundup

cascadia carré

The floral and herbal notes of this bitter liqueur lend itself to a number of different cocktails. We think it works particularly well in spirit-forward cocktails, served both up and on a large cube. One of our favorites is an alpine variation on a classic Negroni called the Negroni Blanc. The combination of Gin 33, Cascadia, and Cocchi Americano really sings. If you’re more of a vodka person, we think you might like Sweet Nothings. This take on a classic Bee’s Knees calls for easy-to-make honey syrup (literally equal parts hot water and honey stirred together). Of course, if you’ve already whipped up some honey syrup, you might as well make a Silver Lining cocktail too. Old Tom Gin and Cascadia make fast friends in this delicately delicious drink. Plus, we love the aromatic mint leaf garnish. Feeling those fall vibes? Why not give the the Jack Knife a try? Just stir Bourbon, Cascadia, maple syrup, and a dash of barrel-aged bitters together and you’ll be warmed up and cozy in no time. And don’t forget to express the oils from your orange peel garnish over your drink for added aromatics and a pretty pop of color!

cascadia liqueur cocktail recipe roundup

Have you had a Vieux Carré lately? Give our Pacific Northwest spin on the New Orleans classic a try! The Cascadia Carré is a spirit-forward, stirred drink that blends both Brandy and Rye. It really hits the spot once the weather starts to cool down. We know some folks tend to like a stiffer drink once the temperature drops, but then there are people who like to keep it light and fizzy year round. If anytime is a good time for a spritz, we think you’ll like the Summit Spritz. We skip the bubbly wine in this one, and opt for a combination of Lillet Blanc and Aurora Hops Pomelo & Sage. Another fizzy option we love is the ultra-simple Cascade Elixir. Just top Cascadia Liqueur with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic and ice, then add a lemon peel and rosemary for garnish. Or, if you’ve still have some honey syrup on hand, you could easily make up a bubbly Cascadia Collins! But maybe you’d prefer a spritz with bubbly wine? We’ve got two fun options— check out All Eyes on Me and this Rosé Spritz. If you’re a fan of sparkling wine cocktails, we have a few more options for you. You could could combine Cascadia and our Pear Brandy for a French 75 riff we call the Cascadia 77? Or maybe you’d like a vodka-based Rhinestone Cowgirl garnished with a grapefruit twist?

cascadia cocktail recipe roundup

Are you a brunch cocktail person? You could always mix up your mimosa game and try a Cascadia Mimosa next weekend? And for your next gathering, we have a punch recipe that gets topped off with sparkling wine that’s as pretty as it is delicious. We mix Gin 33, Cascadia, grapefruit juice, and a cold-brew Ruby Nectar tea in this crowd-pleasing Shy Ruby Punch. Any tiki fans out there? If the dreary weather starts to get you down, you could get tropical with this sunny Slabtown Sling. And if nothing will warm you up like a hot drink, we’ve got a tasty toddy you could try. There’s no better remedy for the Pacific Northwest rainy season than the Harvest Moon hot toddy. Cheers!



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