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New Deal Old Tom Gin

New Deal Old Tom Gin

90 Proof | 45% Alc/Vol | 750ML

Our barrel rested gin is the cat’s pajamas!

Distilled with over 20 botanicals and then barrel-aged in French oak, the popular Old Tom Gin from our Distiller’s Workshop collection is now part of our permanent line of spirits. And, with a fancy new label! Enjoyit on ice with an orange twist or in a numberof classic Old Tom cocktails.

Distilled and aged in-house

New Deal Old Tom Gin is pot-distilled in-house from 100% grain. Juniper, rose petal, citrus, and orris root add depth and texture. Each small batch ages in Oregon wine barrels, developing warm, toasted notes and an amber color. Our Old Tom Gin is just lightly sweetened in the traditional style.

Platinum medal winner!

We’re proud to announce that New Deal Old Tom Gin was awarded the best-in-class Platinum Medal in Sip Magazine’s 2021 Best of the Northwest spirits competition. 

Old Tom Gin Cocktail Recipes

New Deal Golden Lights Cocktail Recipe

Golden Lights

A modern take on a classic cocktail with a rich, complex palate.

A pink cocktail is shown on a table with a bottle of Lo-Fi Amaro and a bottle of New Deal Old Tom Gin.

Ladies & Gentians

Ladies & Gentians, we give you a tart, floral, gorgeously magenta cocktail that’s perfect for spring. 

old tom gin sour puss cocktail

Sour Puss

If you’re a gin sour cocktail fan, switch it up and try this recipe made with our barrel rested Old Tom Gin!

New Deal Martinez Cocktail Recipe


Is it a martini? Is it a Manhattan? Nobody knows, but we do know that it’s good.

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