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ginger spritz

I am a firm believer that almost every drink could benefit from adding a little “razzle-dazzle,” by which I mean carbonation. Bubbles make everything just a little more fun, so naturally, I love a spritz. They’re tasty and refreshing, they make me feel like an extra on White Lotus, and they’re super easy to make! While the Aperol spritz is obviously the most famous around, there’s plenty of room for other flavor combinations and experimenting with your own preferences is fun and easy!

So, what even is a spritz?

Sometimes, it feels like any drink with bubbles can be labeled a spritz, much to the chagrin of cocktail purists. The original spritz was supposedly invented by Austrian soldiers in Italy in the 1800s who weren’t used to drinking wine, which had a higher alcohol content than the beer that they drank at home. To bring the drink down to a strength that they were used to, they would add a splash (spritz) of water. Over time, the drink evolved: wine became Prosecco, still water turned sparkling, and some genius got the idea to add liqueur for extra flavor, bringing us to the European Summer beverage that we all know and love.

How do you make a spritz?

While my personal drink philosophy tends toward, “measure with your heart,” for scientific integrity in my experimentation, I followed the basic 3-2-1 formula when trying to create new spritzes:

  • 3 oz Prosecco
  • 2 oz  liqueur/spirit/syrup
  • 1 oz soda water
  • Build in an ice filled wine glass—no special tools required
  • Crucial extra credit: Garnish with wild enthusiasm


For seasoned mixologists and casual cocktailers alike, a template can be super helpful. There is something to be said for knowing the rules before you break them, but making drinks should also be a good time! There’s no wrong way to spritz, but there’s maybe some ways that are more right than others. Mostly, the area you’ll be adjusting with a spritz is the “2.” Swap out Aperol for Cascadia Liqueur, which is New Deal’s take on an amaro that seems tailor made for the express purpose of a PNW Spritz. Garnish with a few lemon wheels, maybe throw a sprig of thyme or couple of sage leaves in the mix for some extra flair. If your tastes skew a bit sweeter, try a Ginger Spritz with orange slices and a split base of Ginger Liqueur and Old Tom Gin. Whatever your preference is, there’s a spritz out there just waiting for you to find it.

summit spritz and ginger spritz

What about a non-alcoholic spritz?

For the designated drivers, non-drinkers, or hangover averse who want to partake in spritz season, For Bitter For Worse makes a lovely line of non-alcoholic spritzes that are sophisticated, complex, and come in adorable tiny cans. And we cary two flavors in New Deal Bottle Shop. Try the Rose City Fizz, a playful, fruit-forward sparkler that’s like drinking a berry-infused kiss with a hint of ginger spice. Or Eva’s Spritz, a bright & refreshing non-alcoholic spritz blending rhubarb, citrus & 12 botanicals inspired by grandma’s garden. These are delicious on their own, look beautiful in a wine glass, and pair wonderfully with a splash of our spirits should you decide to go the low ABV route. 

for bitter for worse n/a spritz

Feeling inspired yet?

Bust out your favorite spirit, pop open the bubbly, and get mixing! Or, you can always go for one of our tried-and-true spritz recipes like the Pear Moscato Spritz featuring our super aromatic Pear Brandy and a delightful Moscato d’Asti. Or try our take on TikTok’s favorite Hugo Spritz made with fragrant mint and Elder Flower syrup. We also have the Sprezza Vero spritz cans back in stock in the Bottle Shop. Take them on the go to enjoy on their own or use them to mix up a Sprezza Rose Spritz that works beautifully with our Distiller’s Workshop Brandy, Distiller’s Reserve Bourbon, or New Deal Old Tom Gin.

spritz recipes



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