Portland Dry Gin 33


Handmade copper botanical trays capture bright and crisp notes of organic juniper berries without obscuring the rich aromatics. New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33 is a juniper-forward gin that captures the richness of the berries, making it perfect for the full spectrum of classic gin cocktails.

92 Proof | 46 Alcohol by Volume | 750 ML

Gold Medal Winner

Beverage Testing Institute, 2014 International Review of Spirits Award. “Clear with a silvery cast. Mild aromas of sage, mint leaf, nuts and bark with a silky, dryish medium body and a racy pepper, marinated root vegetable, lemon honey tea, grass, and mineral finish. A clean nouveau-styled gin.” RATING: 90 points (Exceptional)

Silver Medal Winner

American Craft Distillers Association, Annual Spirits Competition, 2014, Denver, Colorado

French 33

We put a New Deal twist on the traditional French 75, adding our Ginger Liqueur for the tastiest champagne cocktail you’ll drink this year.

– 1 oz Portland Dry Gin 33, chilled
– 1 oz New Deal Ginger Liqueur, chilled
– 2 oz Dry champagne, chilled
– Lemon peel

Measure Gin 33 and Ginger Liqueur into a champagne flute, then top with champagne. Lightly rub the lemon peel along the edge of the glass and drop it into the drink.

New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33


Portland Dry GIN 33 Reviews

One of The 10 Best American Small Batch Gins

In Men’s Journal magazine’s Expert Advice column, Nick Moran ranks New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33 number four of the ten best American small batch gins: “It’s common practice for distillers to add all sorts of botanicals to their blends, but that’s not the case with the New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33, which is based entirely off juniper berries. Remember that fact when you take your first sip of this distinctly modern gin, because it’ll feel like those citrus, mineral, and almost grassy notes came out of nowhere.”

One of “The Top Ten New American Gins”

Excerpted from the Drink Spirits article#7 New Deal Gin 33 – While many New American Gins use a blend of botanicals, New Deal Gin 33 only uses juniper berries to get its flavor, a remarkable achievement considering the flavors it delivers. On the nose there’s a hint of honey with distinct lemon-lime notes paired with fresh evergreen. On the entry the gin expands to a wide flavor of sweet pine with citrus undertones and cool mint. The finish is quick but leaves your mouth very cool with a nice lingering subtle juniper flavor. Expertly distilled, New Deal Gin 33 is a reductionist approach to classic gin done in a very modern way. It’s an excellent gin and ideal for people drawn to gin for the bright pine and evergreen flavors. – Very Highly Recommended