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Meet Your Maker – Tom Burkleaux Interview

Brandy Crowe writes in Eleven Magazine “Portland’s ‘maker’ scene goes well beyond what sits on your walls, shelves, and limbs. The city’s vast drinking culture has a part to lay as well. After all, you can have a craft cocktail without the craft, right?” Read the interview



Karen Locke, the author of High Proof PDX, has written a great article on The Unsung Heroes Essential to the Home Bar. Featured in the sidebar is our new pre-mixed cocktail, the Driftwood Manhattan. “Strain into a serving glass over a jumbo ice cube, and enjoy a balanced cocktail without the work.” Full article

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Grain-to-glass vodkas prove to be more than simply neutral.

Reviewer Penelope Bass writes, “By selecting their own grain, mashing, fermenting and distilling on-site, many makers are proving that vodka can be impressively clean and complex enough to shine in cocktails or even sip solo.” She continues, stating that New Deal’s “flagship spirit, New Deal Vodka, still embodies a local approach. Made with Oregon soft white wheat, the spirit has bright, peppery flavors up-front and a gently sweet finish.” Full article


Portland Got a Great Pear Brandy Just in Time for New Year’s

Food and Drink reviewer, Matthew Korfhage writes “…it’s almost the polar opposite of Clear Creek’s famously bright, crisp spirit. Fermented from a pulp of whole Bartlett pears from Oregon’s Pereday Orchards before undergoing pot distillation, New Deal’s new brandy is like the bass to Clear Creek’s tenor. The earthy brandy tastes beautifully of skin and seed and yeast, with roundness of flavor and the crystalline sweetness of dried fruit.” 


10 Best Distilleries in the West

Sunset Magazine listed New Deal as one of the “10 Best Distilleries in the West!” The introduction reads “Belly up to our favorite tasting rooms, where renegade distillers are leading and reinventing the small-batch booze movement.” The author, Stephanie Granada later writes, “Dial into Portland, and you’ll find a concentrated group of fine booze purveyors in the Southeastern area’s Distillery Row. Start at New Deal Distillery, one of the founding brothers of the city’s artisan spirit movement.”


Your Guide to Bitter Gentian Liqueurs

In “Spirit Guide,” Wayne Curtis demystifies the ever-shifting spirits landscape one bottle at a time. This round: gentian-based aperitif liqueurs. His article features our Cascadia American Bitter Liqueur alongside some venerable favorites. From PUNCH, the James Beard Award-winning online magazine about wine, spirits, beer, and cocktails. Read the article at the link.

Elle a Table Japan New Deal Portland

Trend Insight From Portland

Beautiful photography by local photographer, Dina Avila was showcased in Elle à Table’s Trend Report front-section on Portland, Oregon. New Deal Distillery was featured in the article of this Japanese edition of the international magazine.


8 Mom-and-Pop Distilleries You Should Know

New Deal is pleased to be included in this great list of small-scale distilleries that could “hit the big time tomorrow.” Liquor.com writer, Lesley Jacobs Solmonson interviewed New Deal owner and founder, Tom Burkleaux who said, “Portland, Oregon, has such a strong craft/DIY culture that it’s hard not to be inspired and believe you can make world-class products on a small scale.” Read the whole article at the link.


6 Best New Vodkas of 2016

New Deal is happy to announce that our flagship spirit, New Deal Vodka was selected as one of Supercall’s 6 Best New Vodkas of 2016! While New Deal Vodka isn’t a new brand, it was reformulated this year as a complete grain-to-glass spirit for an exceptional taste and smooth finish. You can read the full review and more at the link.

Willamette Week

Best of Portland Reader’s Poll 2016

New Deal is pleased as Planter’s Punch to be voted Best Distillery by the more than 27,000 voters in the Willamette Week annual Reader’s Poll – for the second year in a row! You can view all of Portland’s favorite things at the link.

Sip Northwest

Summer Gin & Tonic Spins

New Deal Gin No. 1 was featured in this great collection of Summer gin recipes. The Garden Gin and Tonic is made with our savory garden-style gin with fresh flowers, lime and tonic. “With gardens in full bloom right now, it’s only natural this cocktail be served over edible flower-studded ice cubes.” Beautiful photos, too! Read more

The Gin is In – The Original Gin Blog

New Deal 33 Portland Dry Gin Review

Our Gin 33 received a Double-Gold rating from the experts at The Gin is In – “Exquisite, juniper focused gin that maintains its juniper forward personality in cocktails and remains smooth and distinctive enough to sip neat. Fans of classic styled gins, especially those looking for an American distilled answer to the traditional gins of the UK will find a lot to like here. Far from an imitation, it’s an Emersonian or Thoreauian answer to a Tocquevillesque critique. Truly our own, highly recommended in its class, but recommended to all gin drinkers.” Read more

Serious Eats

Pick 6: Bringing Oregon Home

Serious Eats picks “six obsession-worthy food and drink souvenirs from Oregon that you can order from the comfort of your computer, whether you’re a wayward Oregonian looking for a slice of home or someone who’s just curious about what my favorite rainy state has to offer.” The list includes our New Deal Ginger Liqueur, which the article advises you to “pour some in your lemonade this summer when the weather gets hot.” Read more

The Gin is In – The Original Gin Blog

New Deal Gin No. 1 Review

Detailed review of our Savory Garden-style Gin from the experts at The Gin is In – “This gin is perfect for gin-lovers who are looking for a good Martini Gin or a good sipping gin. The thick, herbaceous juniper and pine resin notes make this a unique, muscular gin which is certain to appeal to folks who think that there’s something missing in what most gin distillers are able to get out of juniper. It’s all here.” Read more

Foodable – WebTV Network

PDX Puts a Local Spin on Cold Weather Cocktails

Feature article exploring the New Deal Tasting Room and sharing some wintery cocktail recipes featuring New spirits. “Step inside New Deal Distillery’s tasting room and you are greeted with a modern and industrial vibe, as feels appropriate for its Southeast location. Now in its eleventh year, New Deal was the first to take up residence in Distillery Row in 2004, and just the second modern distillery in Portland history.” Read more

Sip Northwest

Best Supporting Spirits

New Deal Coffee Liqueur was featured in the article subtitled, Northwest Liqueurs, brandies and vermouths take on Old World tradition – restock your bar with these 21 Northwest bottles now. “This agave-sweetened spirit owes it’s roast, bitter chocolate character to beans from Water Avenue Coffee a half-mile away.

Willamette Week

Best of Portland Reader’s Poll

New Deal was voted as Best Local Distillery by the readers of Willamette Week. “One of Portland’s oldest distilleries, New Deal shows the world just how great chocolate-infused vodka and dry gin can be. Also, drink Hot Monkey pepper-flavored vodka.”

Men’s Journal

The 10 Best American Small Batch Gins

In the Expert Advice column, Nick Moran ranks New Deal 33 Portland Dry Gin number four of the ten best American small batch gins: “It’s common practice for distillers to add all sorts of botanicals to their blends, but that’s not the case with the New Deal 33 Portland Dry Gin, which is based entirely off juniper berries. Remember that fact when you take your first sip of this distinctly modern gin, because it’ll feel like those citrus, mineral, and almost grassy notes came out of nowhere.”

Fortune Magazine

Farm to flask: Inside the world of craft distilling

Article on Craft Distilling featuring New Deal Distillery and interview with New Deal founder, Tom Burkleaux by Melissa Locker

Willamette Week

Distilleries in the Portland Area: Distillery Guide

Tom Burkleaux’s approach to gin couldn’t be more different from House Spirits’ botanical-floral route. New Deal takes an almost puritanical tack, teasing out complex flavors from only juniper, in their two flagship gins: Nos. 1 and 33. The No. 1 is honey-colored and picks up oils and tannins for a rich complexity, while the No. 33 is brilliantly citric dry gin without adding one iota of citrus. It’s a bit of a magic trick.

Book: The Spirit of Gin

A Stirring Miscellany of the New Gin Revival

These craft-distilled spirits are inspired by the DIY spirit of Portland, and the distillery ordered a custom-designed still that pulls oils, tannins and heavier elements from the botanicals during distillation.

Portland Business Journal

The List: Oregon Distilleries

New Deal ranked 5th in Oregon distilleries by Oregon sales in 2014. Locally researched by Brandon Sawyer, Portland Business Journal.

Artisan Spirit Magazine

Think Outside the Model and the Bottle

New Deal Ginger Liqueur is given high praise by John McKee in article on unique craft spirits that don’t follow the accepted rules for spirits distilling.

MicroShiner Magazine

Pairings: New Deal Distillery

Hayley McCoy reported on the Morrison Family & Child Services benefit dinner hosted by New Deal with Ben Dyer of Laurelhurst Market as part of MicroShiner’s pairings series. Extensive photographs by Elijah Hoffman also documented the event.

About Face Magazine

Tom Burkleaux: New Deal Distillery

Interview with New Deal founder, Tom Burkleaux. When Tom Burkleaux first started making his own vodka in 2001, there wasn’t even a term for what he was doing. “Back then we didn’t have a name for it. We certainly didn’t call it craft distilling,”

Drink Spirits

Top 10 New American Gins

Drink Spirits’ Geoff Kleinman rounds-up the Top 10 American Gins with New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33 coming in at #7. “It’s an excellent gin and ideal for people drawn to gin for the bright pine and evergreen flavors.