Portland Dry Gin 33 Cocktail Recipe Roundup

strawberry rambler sorbet cocktail

Gin is truly a versatile spirit and the crisp, classic profile of Portland Dry Gin 33 lends itself to wide range of cocktail styles. Whether you like bitter, sour, fizzy, floral, fruit-forward, or herbaceous, we’ve got a cocktail for you. If boozy and bitter calls your name, you can’t go wrong with a classic Negroni. Or try a Negroni Blanc, a popular variation that trades sweet vermouth and Campari for Cocchi Americano and Cascadia Bitter Liqueur. Maybe you prefer more of sour profile? Gin, lime, and simple syrup come together in this Easy Breezy Gimlet. And if you’re willing to put in a bit more work (the extra shake time is worth it for the silky texture and cloud-like foam), you’ll love this grapefruit gin sour. Do you have some bubbly wine in the fridge? Why not make a French 75 for yourself or mix up a few for the whole gang?

Portland Dry Gin 33 cocktails

Now, let’s say you’re more of a light and fizzy person when it comes to cocktails. A Tom Collins would be right up your alley. It’s super easy to make and it really hits the spot on a warm day. You could also pick up some Ginger Liqueur and whip up a zippy Ginger Fizz  topped with Rose City Sour. Or maybe you’d like the refreshing floral combination of cucumber and rose in the Rose Parade? Are you thinking a cocktail with sparkling rosé sounds good? Us too. Try a pretty in pink Dew Drop made with New Deal Elder Flower Syrup and a sparkling rosé topper. If you’d like to experiment with rounding off your cocktail with something different, try a Pomelo Squeeze. This hybrid between a G&T and Bee’s Knees gets a sizable float of mouthwatering Aurora Pomelo Sage Hops. We’re also thinking that a beer cocktail could be lovely to sip on a warm day. Might we suggest the Miss Carter with an IPA from our Bottle Shop?

Portland Dry Gin 33 cocktails

And don’t forget about the fruit-forward and herbaceous options. This Strawberry Rambler tastes like a bramble and a negroni had a baby. What’s even better is that the recipe calls for strawberry sorbet instead of fresh strawberries, making it easy to whip up year round. You could also pick up some fresh raspberries and add some color and tart berry flavor to your cocktail hour with a Raspberry Tom Collins. And don’t forget about incorporating fresh herbs! Dill fans will like this Cucumber Cooler. We must say that it is particularly tasty on a hot summer day. And mint doesn’t have to be just for mojitos. Try this lesser known mint and gin cocktail called a Southside or the Mint to Be, a delightful iced tea cocktail featuring Steven Smith Teamaker Moroccan Mint Green Tea. Cheers!



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