Gin No. 1 Recipe Roundup

pink cashmere grapefruit gin sour

Our herbaceous Gin No. 1 makes a number of delicious cocktails, no matter what your mood. Might we suggest a Lawn Party? This summery combination of grapefruit and lime is perfect on a hot day. Or how about Suddenly Summer? There’s nothing like a fresh mango cocktail for instant porchy warm weather vibes. Another refreshing choice would be the Cascara Cup, a fun spin on a Pimm’s cup featuring Cascara Liqueur, strawberry and mint. And who says you can’t have gin for breakfast? Try the Gin No. 1 in a Bloody Mary, or a Queen Mary as some call it.

Greyhound fans will like the grapefruit-forward Best in Show, another fun brunch choice. And if you have an herb garden, you’ll be all set to mix up these next few drinks. If you have fresh oregano, you could make a tasty Gin 1 Garden Smash. Think savory mojito with deep oregano flavor swapped out for cooling mint. And if you find yourself with extra thyme on your hands (sorry, couldn’t resist), you could make a delicious thyme gimlet. Or pick a few sprigs of tarragon for this heavenly Gin Tarragon Sour.

gin no. 1 cocktail recipes

Or maybe you’d prefer a grapefruit sour? This pretty, pink cocktail is a delicious combination of citrus, gin, and soft, cloud-like foam. If you like your drinks tall and bubbly, we’d suggest this Silver Fizz. Perhaps working with egg whites is unfamiliar to you? Don’t be afraid— the silky texture and frothy foam is work a little extra work. Here are some pro tips and how-tos for making egg white cocktails. But hey, maybe tropical cocktails are more your style? Check out this Slabtown Sling— our Pacific Northwest spin on a tiki classic might be just the drink for you. Now, we know that some folks prefer a stronger, spirit-forward cocktail and we have not forgotten about you. Amaro fans will be partial to the Mockcrest— our bitter Cascadia Liqueur plays with honey syrup and vermouth in this potent Negroni-inspired libation. Speaking of a Negroni, have you tried stirring one with our Gin No. 1 instead of classic dry gin? Or switching out the rye to make a Gin No. 1 Sazerac? Maybe tonight’s the night! Do we have any martini fans out there? The Lesson No. 1 cocktail will teach you to love the combination of olive juice and gin, if you don’t already. And for those that enjoy a savory cocktail, we have the ultimate one for you. Try this roasted garlic martini we call the Van Helsing. It’s deeply delicious, plus it’s sure to keep the vampires away!



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