New Deal Gin No. 1


We craft Gin No. 1 in the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest making it a favorite of gin enthusiasts looking for a unique twist on the classic gin flavor profile. Our custom-designed pot still allows juniper berry oils and tannins to remain as distinctive notes on the palate, creating a buttery and herbaceous sipping gin. Citrus notes followed by cracked black pepper and an overall round, deep, dark and mellow tone.

92 Proof | 46 Alcohol by volume | 750 ML

Silver Medal Winner

American Craft Distillers Association, Annual Spirits Competition, 2014, Denver, Colorado

Bronze Medal Winner

Beverage Testing Institute, 2014 International Review of Spirits Award: “Pale golden straw color. Aromas of balsa wood, toasted meringue, faint dried oregano, pressed linen, and peppered nuts with a silky, dryish medium body and a chalk, lemon powder, anise, pepper, pine saw dust finish.”

RATING: 84 points (Recommended)

Lesson No. 1

Our savory Gin No. 1 will teach you to love martinis. This recipe captures the culinary appeal of the classic spirit.

– 2 oz New Deal Gin No. 1
– ¼ oz olive juice
– ¼ oz orange liqueur

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a fresh orange twist and an olive.

New Deal Gin No. 1