Holiday Cocktail Recipe Roundup

holiday gin and tonic

Tis the season for holiday cocktails! We’ve put together a great list of festive drinks to make for a gathering or a night in at home. Now, this first one might seem overly simple, but a Winter G&T  looks, tastes, and smells fantastic. Just mix up a classic gin and tonic (we use 2 oz Portland Dry Gin 33 and top with Fever Tree Tonic) then garnish with a rosemary sprig, star anise, and colorful cranberries. It really can’t be beat if you’re looking for easy and festive. If you like Old Tom Gin, why not give the Old Saint Nick a try? This combination of Old Tom, tonic, and our Tart Cranberry Syrup is a nice bright color and gets a pop of aromatic mint for garnish. Speaking of aromatic, have you tried a Rose City Holiday? This cocktail is delightfully floral thanks to the Rose Cordial syrup and our Cascadia Liqueur. Plus, we think you’ll like the fizz from the sparkling wine. Who’s in the mood for a Sleigh Ride? While we can’t guarantee snow, we can promise a good time from the fun mix of chocolate and root beer. You can pick up the Root Beer syrup, Mud Puddle Bitter Chocolate Vodka, soda water, and cherries all from the Bottle Shop. And if you’re looking for something with a bit of kick, we’d suggest Winter Perks. The Coffee Liqueur will definitely perk you up, but so will the 40 Acres Rye Whiskey and the coffee sugar rim.

holiday cocktails recipe roundup

If elegant and sophisticated is what you have in mind, bust out your prettiest coupes and pour a couple Rosemary Martinis. A quick rosemary syrup takes no time at all and will be worth it once you take a sip. Now, for us, the holidays are the perfect time for a decadent White Russian. What’s better than vodka, coffee, and cream? Well, maybe it could be better if you make it a mocha with our Mud Puddle in a Muddy Russian. And if you like creamy drinks, you’ll want to try a Brandy Milk Punch. The ground nutmeg garnish is a nice touch and really compliments our Distiller’s Workshop Brandy. We’d like to point out that this one doubles as a brunch option for those that have perhaps had too much holiday fun the night before. And please consider the ultimate holidays-in-a-glass cocktail: the Solstice Negroni. Our Nocino combines with Gin No.1 for a delicious, christmasy cocktail.

holiday cocktails

And while you’ve got the bottle out, you could also try a Nocino Alexander. This decadent, retro treat will certainly put you in the holiday spirit. And if you need a winter warmer, we’ve got two for you here. We highly suggest combining chocolate and peppermint in a tasty Peppermint Patty this season. Decorate it with sprinkles to make it extra festive. And we really can’t stop talking about this Hot Buttered Rum. Pick up a bottle of Distiller’s Workshop Spiced Rum and a jar of our Hot Buttered Rum mix and you’ll be all set for a super easy holiday treat. Cheers!



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