Home Bar Setup: Essential Spirits

new deal home bar essential spirits

Wishing you had a home bar setup? Good news! It might be easier than you think. A few versatile spirits and a handful of simple tools will have you making bar-quality drinks at home in no time. You can always add to your collection as you try out new recipes, but these four bottles are a solid start.

home bar essential spirits


First off, every bar needs a vodka. We recommend a clean, neutral vodka like our Portland 90. Its high proof holds up to being shaken or stirred into cocktails. Try it in a Salty DogMartini, or Moscow Mule.


You’ll also want to pick up a classic, juniper-forward gin like our Portland Dry Gin 33. Its bright, crisp notes of juniper and citrus make it perfect for the full spectrum of classic gin cocktails. Try it in a GimletTom Collins, or Gin & Tonic.

Bourbon Whiskey

You’ll also want to have an aged spirit on hand like our Distiller’s Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This 4-year whiskey has nice notes of cedar and suede and a light, smooth body. Sip it neat or mix up an Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, or a Whiskey Smash.

Ginger Liqueur

Next, you’ll want something unexpected like our bold and spicy Ginger Liqueur. Use it as your secret ingredient to enliven classic cocktails like a Lemon Drop or a Ginger Manhattan.

These four bottles are super versatile and should have you off to a good start. Cheers!



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