New Deal Portland 90 Proof Vodka

Portland 90 Vodka

90 Proof | 45% Alc/Vol | 750ML + 1.75L BIG BOTTLE


Portland’s original craft vodka, distilled in copper stills and bottled at a higher proof, delivers a clean, classic taste while maintaining its distinct character. Portland 90 stands up to bold mixers, yet is smooth enough for sipping. An exceptional 90 Proof vodka at a reasonable price.

Praise from DrinkSpirits.com

“The nose has a slight limestone-like note to it with a slight powdered sugar undertone. Portland 90 Vodka isn’t vapory and has no citrus in the nose. The entry is very soft, round, and sweet with the slightest core of white pepper spice. It’s wonderfully balanced right from the start with a delightful mouthfeel. The core spice from the entry opens and envelops the sweet notes without obliterating them. It’s almost like the sweet and the spice trade places for a mid palate transformation that’s spectacular.” 

“The finish is long and balanced with nice spice and sweet in even amounts. Portland 90 Vodka ultimately cleans up, leaving your mouth slightly dry with the slightest cooling. New Deal’s Portland 90 Vodka is proof that craft and commercialism can unite in a vodka that shows care and craftsmanship but is also extremely affordable and competitive to other major vodkas on the market.” – from 10 Unique Vodkas Reviewed


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