Pick 6: Bringing Oregon Home From Serious Eats

Oregon Serious Eats

Serious Eats picks “six obsession-worthy food and drink souvenirs from Oregon that you can order from the comfort of your computer, whether you’re a wayward Oregonian looking for a slice of home or someone who’s just curious about what my favorite rainy state has to offer.” The list, written by Maggie Hoffman, includes our New Deal Ginger Liqueur, which the article advises you to “pour some in your lemonade this summer when the weather gets hot.”

“Ginger liqueurs are often too sweet and mellow to offer any thrill. But this Portland-based distillery’s bottling is a different beast. It’s the closest thing to gnawing off a hunk of fresh, spicy ginger root. The New Deal team crushes a few hundred pounds of fresh ginger, then infuses it into a grain spirit they distill in batches of 400 liters. On a chilly evening, mix an ounce into a mug of whiskey stirred with honey and hot water (an orange wedge makes a nice addition), or pour some in your lemonade this summer when the weather gets hot.”

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