Bar & Bowtie Visits New Deal Distillery in Southeast Portland

Bar and Bowtie Visit New Deal Distillery

New Deal was featured in Bar & Bowtie Drink Culture Magazine when founder Yancy Violi and partner Leah Pupkin visited the distillery for a tour and tasting. Bar & Bowtie is an event company that offers “premier boozy experiences – re-imagined” in the form of cocktail experiences and beverage catering.

From the article …

“Being founded in 2004 gives New Deal, in my opinion, a serious amount of respect, number one, for being around as long as they have, and number two, for the time and experience to perfect the many products they offer.”

“A quote that New Deal lives by is, “make it simple, make it right.” This is something I deeply appreciate and agree with, and I think that’s exactly why this company has had such success, not just locally, but among the NW and beyond.”

“As far as their lineup of products, you’ll find clear spirits like vodka and gin. You’ll find brandies and liqueurs. Event some interesting short-term whiskeys and rums. I can almost guarantee they will have something for everyone and that, to me, is a great way to do business.”

“If you’re in the NW or the local Portland area, definitely swing by and give these hardworking people some of your support, because I’m sure we can all understand how hard things are with COVID. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, there are no tours to keep their facility clean and safe but they are 100% open for pick-ups and to say hello!”

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Bar and Bowtie Yancy Violi and Leah Pupkin



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