New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33 Earns a Double-Gold Rating

Our New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33 received a Double-Gold rating from the experts at The Gin is In.

Notes on the Flavor Profile

“With an unflinching focus on juniper, New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33 uses copper trays for the berries in the distilling process. Furthermore, New Deal only uses Juniper Berries, heightening and tightening the focus botanically, while starting from a base spirit of locally-grown Oregon wheat and finishing with the addition of local water.”

“…let me simply say that New Deal 33 Portland Dry Gin is an exquisite gin, and should be shortlisted as among the American Gin Drinker’s answers to the classically styled gins of England and the UK. Juniper is the shining star here, and while it’s nicely balanced enough to appreciate just on its own, I found it to be a delightful mixing gin as well, with the juniper shining in everything.”

Review Overview and Conclusion

“New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33 is an exquisite, juniper focused gin that maintains its juniper-forward personality in cocktails and remains smooth and distinctive enough to sip neat. Fans of classic styled gins, especially those looking for an American distilled answer to the traditional gins of the UK will find a lot to like here. Far from an imitation, it’s an Emersonian or Thoreauvian answer to a Tocquevillesque critique. Truly our own, highly recommended in its class, but recommended to all gin fans period.”

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