Hot Monkey Vodka: Cocktail Recipe Roundup

temerature rising basil and hot monkey cocktail

If you’re a fan of Hot Monkey, you probably already know it makes the best Bloody Mary. However, Hot Monkey is by no means a one trick pony. Infused with a secret combination of smoky and spicy peppers, it adds the perfect amount of heat to so many other cocktails. The trick is to simultaneously celebrate the spice while balancing it with cooling components. With its combination of coconut water, lime, and basil, the Temperature Rising cocktail does just that. Plus, a big bouquet of basil for the garnish is easy on the eyes (and nose). Another go-to mixer we love with Hot Monkey is pineapple juice— its natural sweetness makes it an ideal pairing for this spicy spirit. Give it a try in the frothy and fun Trunk Monkey. Or how about a sophisticated Jon Daly riff with juicy peach and sweet tea syrup? We call this one the Ross Island Iced Tea. If you have fresh peaches at home, you really must shake one up.

hot monkey cocktail recipe roundup

Did somebody say sugar rim? Sometimes one just really hits the spot. If you’re a fan, why not give this spicy take on a Lemon Drop a whirl? Both the sugar and citrus help balance the spice in this pretty sipper. Now, this next drink has a fun story. A Hot Monkey fan reached out to us looking for a cocktail recipe served by our friends at the Driftwood Room called The Ghost in the Machine. Unfortunately, we only had a list of ingredients and not the proportions. But, since it sounded so delicious, we took a stab at re-creating the cocktail and it turned out to be a beauty. We call this combination of Aperol, Hot Monkey, basil, and blood orange The Ghost of the Ghost in the Machine. Another cooling cocktail element worth exploring is cucumber. For this drink we ‘split the base’ (using half New Deal Vodka and half Hot Monkey for the base spirit) and mix with muddled cucumber and simple syrup. Shake and strain, and you’ve got yourself  The Hot Date. And if you (or your date) is a fan of cilantro, this Hot Monkey Cilantro Gimlet is for you. In addition to being delightfully refreshing, it’s also completely customizable— we’ve added notes about adjusting the sugar and heat to your liking. You can also serve it on the ice (pictured above) or serve it up (pictured below).

more hot monkey cocktails

Entertaining a group? If they can take the heat, this Hot Monkey Punch might be the way to go. The combination of pineapple juice, limeade, and bubbly ginger ale is both tropical and festive. It could be just the crowd-pleaser you’ve been looking for. But what about hot drinks? We must mention this delicious spiked hot chocolate. Whether you’re sitting around the campfire, finishing up a day of skiing, or getting cozy by the fireplace, you should definitely give it a try. We stir together New Deal Vodka, a bit of Hot Monkey Vodka for heat, and Treehouse Originals Drinking Chocolate (which we cary in the New Deal Bottle Shop). Then we top with whipped cream, a generous orange peel, and a dusting of cinnamon. Chef’s kiss!



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