Mud Puddle Bitter Chocolate Vodka Recipe Roundup

chocolate vodka cocktails

Love the idea of chocolate vodka but not sure what cocktails to make? We’ve put together some recipes just for you. If you’ve already picked up your bottle Mud Puddle Bitter Chocolate Vodka you’ve likely noticed its not overly sweet. Made from roasted cacao nibs with zero added sugar, Mud Puddle lets you control the sweetness of the cocktail with the other components in your drink.

The Improved Centennial is a spirit-forward cocktail that begins and ends with cocoa, with bright cranberry and quinine in between. If you’re a Mezcal fan, you’ll love how the smokey notes combine with bitter amaro and rich chocolate in the Pita Amore. Interested in some fantastic dusted cocoa flavors? The Bittersweet Symphony is for you. Egg white adds silky texture and frothy foam while an easy-to-make stout syrup adds delicious depth.

mud puddle bitter chocolate vodka cocktails

If an old fashioned riff is more your speed, here are two cocktails you’ll enjoy. Wonka Vision, a divine combination of bourbon and chocolate, is what we imagine Willy Wonka would sip after a hard day’s work. In the Mud Puddle Old Fashioned, muddled blood orange and cherry are incorporated for a bright cocktail with robust chocolate flavor.

Maybe you’re thinking that coffee is the ideal pairing for chocolate vodka? We’re with you! If you like rich and creamy cocktails then you’ll love this mocha version of a White Russian called the Muddy Russian. In the mood for something a bit stronger? Try the Mocha Martini.

mud puddle chocolate vodka cocktails

If you prefer light and bubbly cocktails, here are a few for you. Why not get downright tropical with this fun Choco Pineapple Cocktail? If you’re new to this pineapple and chocolate combination then you are in for a treat. Thinking you’d like to keep it a bit more classic? We’d recommend this fizzy orange and chocolate cocktail called the Roman Holiday. And for those looking for a super easy-to-make drink, give the Muddy Roots a whirl. It incorporates ginger and cola flavors you build in the glass with zero shaking or stirring required.



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