new deal improved centennial robust cocoa cocktail

Improved Centennial

This riff on the 20th Century cocktail combines robust chocolate notes with bright and bitter flavors for a perfectly balanced cocoa cocktail. You’ll love how the cranberry syrup provides brightness, the Mud Puddle adds rich chocolate notes, the Cocchi’s “bite” gives a bitter orange depth, and the Angostura ties it all together. The Improved Centennial is a cocktail that starts with cocoa and ends with cocoa.

Combine all ingredients and shake hard with ice. Fine strain into a coupe and garnish with an orange peel.

Black Russian Shots

You can sip on this or shoot it, but either way you’re in for a tasty treat that packs just enough caffeine to keep the party going!

Pita Amor

Mexican poet, Pita Amor is remembered for her rebellious nature. This drink is pretty rebellious by nature, too.

new deal mocha martini

Mocha Martini

When our Mud Puddle Vodka meets our Coffee Liqueur, it’s love at first taste!

new deal muddy roots easy cocktail

Muddy Roots

This easy-to-make cocktail brings balance of flavor to an art form.

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