Elder Flower Cocktail Syrup

new deal elder flower cocktail syrup

Cocktail syrups are a great way to jazz up your home cocktail game and this particular one is bursting with floral flavor. Elder flower on its own is quite delicate, so we’ve added lavender and rose to the blend, as well as lychee and pear for some cute, fruity notes. This syrup brings a fun, floral vibe to both original and classic cocktails and is perfect for Spring. Below are some of the recipes we love to make with this super versatile, small-batch Elder Flower cocktail syrup.

elder flower cocktail syrup drinks

We’ve found that our Elder Flower cocktail syrup shines in sparkling cocktails, so if you’re a fan of bubbly, we’d definitely recommend giving Bubble Trouble a try. The aromatic, floral flavors of the syrup combine beautifully with gin, citrus, and fizzy sparking wine. Plus, it could’t be easier to make. Do we have any Lemon Drop fans out there? What if we told you that you could swap this Elder Flower syrup for regular simple syrup and you could be sipping a delightfully floral lemon drop? It’s true— give the Sweet Emotion a chance. It might just be your new sugar rimmed favorite.

elder flower syrup spring cocktails

If you prefer a tall, fizzy drink, you might like to give this Elder Flower Collins a whirl. Just shake Gin 33 and Elder Flower syrup together and strain into a collins glass. Top with soda, fill with ice, and garnish with lemon peel and you’ll be in business. In the business of a refreshing fizzy drink, that is. This next question might be a tad personal but we’ll ask anyway. Do you have a bottle of rosé in the fridge? If so, you should definitely shake up a Dew Drop cocktail. This low abv rosé cocktail is perfect for long afternoons with friends, soaking up that Springtime sun.

elder flower syrup spring cocktails

And for those that like a stiff drink (and New Deal Vodka), this Elder Flower Martini is for you. Aromatic with notes of citrus blossoms and stone fruit, it has a slightly bitter backbone that’s nicely balanced by the sweetness of the syrup. For another spirit-forward option, we’d suggest checking out the oh-s0-springy Elder Flower Power. We’ve tinkered with the proportions a bit to introduce more Pear Brandy into the cocktail, bringing beautiful aromas of fresh pear to forefront. Cheers to Spring!



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