Spotlight on Cascadia Liqueur

cascadia liqueur

Bridging floral, herbal, and bitter notes with a faint sweetness, Cascadia American Bitter Liqueur is somewhat of a hybrid between an aperitif and a digestif. It’s light but complex, its flavor lingers but doesn’t overwhelm. And best of all, it is really easy to use. With an endless assortment of applications, Cascadia is the bitter liqueur I reach for to enhance and upgrade a multitude of cocktails.

So what is this stuff?

The recipe is kept a secret, but what I can tell you is this: it’s a distilled infusion of rose petals, wild lavender and other carefully selected botanicals finished with a maceration of gentian and angelica root. More simply put, it’s a bitter herbal liqueur made from a cross section of ingredients inspired by the Cascade mountain range. Some might even call it an alpine liqueur. The recipe took two years to perfect and there really is no other bitter liqueur better at highlighting the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Punch describes it as the “American cousin” of European gentian-based liqueurs and Imbibe says, “an interpretation of traditional European herbal liqueurs by way of the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia Liqueur, made by Portland’s New Deal Distillery, is a love letter to the Cascade Mountain Range. Incorporating a blend of local flora, including lavender and rose, the liqueur is smooth and sweet up front but with a spicy, bitter finish.”

How do I use it?
Elusive as this spirit is, it is simple to work with and elevates cocktails to a new, delicious level. It’s like bringing the floral and herbal flavors of the Cascades to your cocktail glass. Is your vodka collins falling a little flat? Add Cascadia! Old fashioned feeling predictable and tired? Cascadia will breathe new life into it. For first time bitter liqueur folks, I recommend adding a bar spoon to simple cocktails in place of bitters. This easy swap is a great starting point. Once you’ve fallen in love with Cascadia (trust me, it won’t take long) you’ll want to start using it more as a base spirit. Try using it in place of bitters, Aperol, Suze, or Chartreuse— you might find that Cascadia is your new go-to herbal liqueur. I find it works well in spritzes, punches, and spirit-forward cocktails like this Negroni Blanc. If you’re more of an adventurous imbiber, try my cocktail, The Range. It highlights Cascadia by pairing it with gin, cucumber and elder flower. Striking a balance between tart and bitter, it will keep you intrigued sip after sip. The blend of herbal, floral and bitter creates an effortlessly delicious drink.



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