What makes gin, gin?

gin 33 and juniper

Gin is a distilled spirit that can be comprised of a variety of ingredients, herbs and botanicals, but the one that must always be present is juniper. Juniper is what gives gin its distinct smell and taste. It’s bright and floral with a citrusy-pine notes that conjure up memories of springtime walks in the forest. The cones of juniper (often referred to as berries) impart an assertive aroma that livens up cocktails, balances out tonic water, and makes citrus sing. It has been used all over the world for its powerful medicinal properties— soothing ailments, aches and afflictions. Today, we celebrate juniper in a multitude of concoctions, but none more highly regarded than gin. To highlight gin’s versatility, just look at the vast assortment of cocktails that call for it. From the bitter and robust Negroni, to the bright and refreshing Tom Collins, gin can be the backbone of variety of cocktail styles.

At New Deal Distillery, we craft our gin with a custom pot still. Vapors pass through the botanical baskets filled with juniper and citrus to create a gin with both elegance and versatility. Dry and perfectly balanced, Portland Dry Gin 33 is a representation of a London Dry Gin, made right here in Portland. Hence the name, Portland Dry Gin 33. Where does the 33 come in? Well, in the early days, our distiller had narrowed the gin recipe down to three iterations (labeled 1, 2, and 3) and the gin labeled 3 was selected to be the final recipe. It turned out that the name “Gin 3” was already in use, so we had to change it. Since our great state of Oregon was the 33rd to be added (and yes, we also got a chuckle out of the playful nod to double vision), we called it Portland Dry Gin 33. Its classic profile is perfect for a variety of gin cocktails that we certainly hope you will enjoy. Cheers!



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