Spotlight on Portland 90 Vodka

portland 90 vodka

I love bringing friends together for a delicious cocktail. And after many years of bartending, designing beverage menus, and hosting my own gatherings, I’ve learned that there is one spirit that’s always been able to please a wide range and folks. Any guesses? It’s vodka, especially Portland 90 Vodka. Whether I’m behind the bar at an event or hosting at my home, every single cocktail I make with this spirit is a crowd pleaser.

Why am I such a fan?

Well, it’s distilled on a custom copper still with a 22 plate vodka column, so this is a clean, quality vodka. It’s versatile, delicious, and honestly a true gem at its price. Plus, the higher proof helps extract the flavors out of your other cocktail ingredients. The 90 in Portland 90 stands for 90 proof— that’s 5 percent higher than your average commercial vodka. That extra UMPH! is exactly why this vodka stands out. Having a touch more alcohol draws out the flavors of other ingredients by bonding with a large assortment of other molecules. That’s why I love to use PDX 90 for infusions and muddling, especially dried ingredients like cinnamon.

Tips for cocktailing with Portland 90 Vodka

This summer I’ve been muddling fresh watermelon and mint into Portland 90 and shaking it up with lime and topping with soda water. The end result is so fresh, balanced, and juicy. For me, this vodka is really what makes the cocktail shine. Love summer berries? Muddle them in PDX 90. Want to make your own vanilla extract? Toss a vanilla bean into 6 oz of PDX 90. Care to make your own vodka cucumber infusion? PDX 90 is the way to go. This summer do yourself and your friends a favor and shake up my easy, refreshing passionfruit cocktail Cross The BridgeAnd get ready— after a round of these your friends will definitely be asking for more time with you on warm nights with a cool cocktail in their hand.



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