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new deal vodka
Vodka is simultaneously the most difficult and yet the most playful spirit I enjoy working with. As a bartender with 15 plus years of experience, I’ve tasted my fair share of vodkas and they are certainly not all created equal. Often the big brands’ interpretation of vodka are way too strong, or so astringent that it’s a challenge to bring them into balance in a cocktail.
This is not the case with New Deal Vodka.
Its nuanced flavors from soft winter wheat are balanced with just a touch of rye to create a harmonious vodka that is deliciously easy to drink. It’s clean and light on the palate with a distinct texture and silky smooth finish. New Deal is my go-to vodka—  you can sip it over ice, or effortlessly integrate it into both simple and complex cocktails. One of my favorite original recipes is the Pear Rickey. This drink balances the structure of the vodka with tart lime, fresh mint, bubbly water and New Deal Pear Brandy for a bright and refreshing drink.
Made from grain-to-glass, right here in Portland, Oregon…
Both the soft winter wheat and rye are sourced from Camas Country Mill, which prides itself on sourcing whole grains from the heart of the Willamette Valley to mill their artisan flours. These Oregon grains are blended into a mash that is carefully fermented and transferred to a custom copper still. As the heated mash begins to bubble and boil, the alcohol begins to evaporate and rise. Each time it hits one of the 22 plates in our vodka column, the spirit becomes more concentrated. As impurities rise and fall, we capture distillates from the middle that distillers call hearts. This process creates a clean spirit while still maintaining the layered pastry notes and distinct texture of the vodka. We enjoy sharing what we love to do, so we created this short video of a behind the scenes look at each step in the making of our New Deal Vodka.



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