Oregon Wine Month Pt 1

It’s Oregon Wine Month and in addition to celebrating the beautiful wines made in our region, we’d like to share the story of one (of two) talented wine professionals here at New Deal. Meet Bonny Rose MacDonald, a long-time beverage professional and our new wine buyer. You might recognize Bonny from behind the stick, wine and cocktail events, her business Bottle Trip Wines, or from just being a delight of a person in and around Portland. We’re beyond excited to have her and her expertise on the team and she has already selected some fantastic offerings for the Bottle Shop. She’d love to help you find the perfect bottle of Oregon wine.

On Bonny’s relationship with Oregon wines…

Bonny was living in Austin and had been studying wine for 14 years when she made the decision to move back to Portland. Yes, to be near family but also to be near a world-class wine region (the Willamette Valley AVA). This was crucial for her to be able to study wine beyond just tasting and reading. Little did she know that a new era of Oregon wine was developing, as vineyard owners and winemakers were choosing less-common grapes to grow in their vineyards, the demand for organic methods were more in demand, and some winemakers were taking chances with experimental ideas and/or a more hands-off approach. Through studying Oregon wine history, she learned that Oregon winemakers had a long history of trying new things, and asking “what if…?”, but when she moved back in 2013, it felt like those who were asking “what if?” pushed further, sometimes with playful irreverence.

Bonny wasn’t sure if she wanted to ever be a winemaker, but she was sure that she absolutely needed to participate in the process at least once in order to be an honest and serious wine specialist.  During the pandemic, she had a chance to give it a try with Franchere Wine Company and Hanson Vineyards for the 2020 and 2021 harvest seasons. One of the most fascinating things about learning to make wine, is getting to see, taste, and smell the process from start to finish, because it is a drastic difference.

Bottle Trip Wines

After learning the winemaking process hands-on, Bonny felt more connected to wine and ready to put her entrepreneurial drive and business ideas to work. It all came together in 2021 as Bottle Trip Wines, to serve as a hub for selling her chosen wine selections, wine catering for events, and to provide consultation services.  Bonny says, “I have mostly focused on selling Oregon wines but I still love many others from around the world. But, most of all, my mission is to help people explore their curiosity for wine. I truly enjoy offering direction, especially when people are excited to move beyond what they are used to and try something new.”




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