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Ah the Martini! Crafted since the 1900s, the ever-customizable Martini has become the cocktail that people have the most to say about. It can be soft and sippable or dry and assertive. And no two bartenders will make theirs the same way. It’s possibly one of the most variable cocktails with many, many opinions on what makes it right or wrong.
Dry, extra dry, no vermouth, olive, or twist?

So what exactly is a martini? While its origins are unknown, a martini is classically gin, vermouth, bitters and a twist of lemon. Now it’s common to see a martini made with no vermouth, vodka and an olive. While everyone should enjoy a drink made to whatever specs they like, personally, I like versions with vermouth and here’s why: vermouth, even the dry kind, has just a touch of sugar to balance out its plethora of herbaceous notes. Vermouths are a brilliant blend of fortified wine, herbs and botanicals—think citrus peel, coriander, flower pedals and so much more. When martinis include vermouth and are paired with citrus-based bitters, any martini variation is instantly elevated.

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This Aromatized Martini calls for a combination of both Dolin Dry and Cocchi Americano to bring out delightful citrusy notes. I particularly enjoy a Reverse Martini that swaps the ratios of vodka and vermouth. No vermouth? No problem! Try an Elder Flower Martini that uses Pear Brandy and an Elder Flower syrup instead. The duo provides an intriguing backbone and plenty of floral and herbal notes. But hey, sometimes you just want to go with a familiar favorite and mix up a classic dirty martini. No matter how you like yours, cheers to the martini!



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