Introducing Driftwood Libations Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Driftwood Libations Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

The response to our ready-to-pour Driftwood Manhattan was so positive that it inspired us to add to our line of bottled cocktails. We’re excited to offer two more Driftwood Libations Ready-to-Drink Cocktails with even more in the works. Let us fix you a drink!

Driftwood Old Fashioned

Introducing the Driftwood Old Fashioned — a blend of house-distilled and barrel-aged brandy, house-made bitters, and cane sugar. Historically prone to regional variation, an Old Fashioned is often a reflection of where one finds themselves on the map. We were prompted by our proximity to the Willamette Valley to showcase the complex, award-winning terroir and create an Old Fashioned that’s uniquely Oregon. Simply stir with ice, garnish, and enjoy.

Driftwood Espresso Cocktail

Now presenting our take on an espresso martini, the Driftwood Espresso Cocktail. A delightfully indulgent evening pick-me-up, this caffeinated classic has soared in popularity since its advent in the 1980s. We’ve combined our Pacific Northwest love for a good cup of coffee and small-batch craft spirits in this lively libation. For an expertly crafted espresso martini, shake with cream and strain into a cocktail glass. Or, for a chocolatey variation on a Black Russian, simply pour over ice

Driftwood Manhattan

Our original bottled cocktail that started it all! The Driftwood Manhattan blends 3-year old Straight Rye, house-made bitters, and a small-batch vermouth made in collaboration with our friends at Landmass Wines. For a deliciously easy cocktail that’s been pre-mixed to perfection, just stir with ice and garnish with a cherry. Cheers!



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