Cooking & Baking with Mud Puddle Bitter Chocolate Vodka

tiramisu recipe process

Love those rich chocolate notes in your Mud Puddle cocktail? They shine in dessert and dinner recipes too! Try this Tiramisu that’s bursting with bold coffee and cocoa flavors. Bonus: it calls for pre-packaged lady fingers which really cuts down on prep time. Or maybe you’d like a Peppermint Patty Pie with rich, chocolaty depth and a boozy kick? And if you’re a fan of making ice cream at home (and mocha White Russians), we suggest giving this cocktail-inspired Muddy Russian Ice Cream a whirl.

mud puddle dessert and dinner recipes

And don’t forget the savory recipes! Inspired by traditional Mexican mole sauce, this Smoky Mud Puddle Pulled Chicken is truly delicious. Plus, it doubles as a great do-ahead camp meal as it keeps well in a cooler and can be reheated over the fire or camp stove. The natural pairing of smoky chipotle peppers and bitter cocoa also comes together beautifully in this Chipotle Chocolate Black Bean Chili. Or maybe you’d be interested in a decadent Roasted Leg of Lamb with Picada Sauce? We’ve traded the traditional bittersweet chocolate and sherry for a punchy sauce with Mud Puddle and a generous amount of parsley to balance the heat from the booze.

Thank you Liz at Think Like a Baker for these delish dessert recipes and Carlin at Get Together PDX for our fantastic savory selections.



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