Chocolate & Orange: A Classic Cocktail Combination

Chocolate and Orange Cocktails

The classic combination of chocolate and orange can make some fantastic, beautifully balanced cocktails. Here are three recipes to try with our Mud Puddle Bitter Chocolate Vodka, a roasted cacao nib infusion that brings rich chocolate flavors without added sugar.

This seriously delicious Mud Puddle Old Fashioned adds chocolate’s other close friend, the cherry, to the mix. And if you’re eyeing that big ice cube or fancy cocktail pick, we’ve got them both in the barware section of our online Bottle Shop. Do we have any Bourbon fans out there? We think you’ll like the David Bowie. There’s only three ingredients in this cocktail, but it’s filled with flavor. But if a tall, bubbly drink is more your style, then the Roman Holiday is just the drink for you. Sparkling water (or cream soda, if you prefer) brings effervescence to the chocolate & orange cocktail combo. Top it off with a little whipped cream and you’ll have yourself a boozy Italian soda. Cin cin!

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