carried away river cocktail

Carried Away

Perfect for a day out on the river, this quaffable and evolving summer sipper is guaranteed to keep you satiated from launch to lunch. As the river winds, Carried Away is sure to help you to unwind. 

In a 32 oz drink container that has a watertight lid, add large pieces of your favorite frozen fruits until filled to the brim. Add pear brandy, ginger liqueur, lime juice, and a whole can of your favorite flavored sparkling water. Put the whole container in the freezer for an hour at least, prior to heading out to the river. Once on site and in your tube, let the Hydroflask cruise beside you submersed right in the river water, attached to a raft via a carabiner. This keeps the drink cold and out of direct sunlight. As the day progresses, the frozen fruit will slowly start to thaw, infusing the cocktail and releasing some of the water and sugar from the fruit. Once the fruit is about 50% thawed, give the whole Hydroflask a super hard shake for about 5-10 seconds, just as you would a cocktail shaker. This homogenizes the entire contents of the container, creating a near sangria-like cocktail that is now bursting with ice-cold delicious pieces of fruit that meld together harmoniously. Cheers!

pearn brandy and sparkling wine pear french 75 cocktail

Pear French 75

The combination of sparkling wine and pear brandy is to die for in this aromatic, bubbly cocktail.

fog cutter tiki cocktail

Fog Cutter

Found on many a tiki bar menu, this classic combines several flavors for one fabulous result.

Bill Collins

An aromatic spin on the classic Tom Collins made with our Pear Brandy featuring estate grown Bartlett pears.

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