Hand Sanitizer Info & FAQs


The hand sanitizer we are currently manufacturing is the World Health Organization dry-rub Formulation 1 which contains the following ingredients: ethanol 80%, vegetable glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, purified water. This simple and clean sanitizer contains no synthetic fragrances, no artificial preservatives, and no petroleum-based ingredients. The active ingredient in this hand sanitizer is ethanol, which effectively inactivates a wide array of potentially harmful microorganisms on hands. It is a clear liquid with a watery consistency that dries very fast. You can view our official Safety Data Sheet here.

Our FDA National Drug Code Number is 73855. Per FDA regulations, to report an Adverse Effect from the use of New Deal Hand Sanitizer, please fill out this form.


Wholesale pricing on cases, drums and pallets of hand sanitizer, as well as gallons of ethyl alcohol (ethanol), is now available for ordering & payment online by commercial & business customers in our Wholesale Store. We are open for will call pickups of wholesale orders Monday through Thursday from 11am-5pm and Friday thru Sunday from noon-6pm. You will be able to schedule your preferred date and time upon checkout. We are located at 900 SE Salmon St., Portland, OR, 97214. When you arrive please park in our loading zone, located on Salmon Street, by the A-Frame which reads “Curbside Pickup”. We are then able to bring your order straight to your car!


We now offer all of our locally-crafted spirits, plus mixers, barware, and hand sanitizer in our New Deal Distillery Online Shop for sanitary Curbside Pickup at our SE Portland Tasting Room. Business and Retail Customers can purchase up to three gallons or five 16oz bottles of hand sanitizer in the Online Shop.


How do I use this product?
To use the World Health organization’s dry-rub sanitizer formula, apply liberally to hands and rub together until dry.

Is your hand sanitizer scented?
The World Health Organization does not recommend the addition of perfumes or other fragrances due to the risk of allergic reaction. The active ingredient in this hand sanitizer is ethanol which does have a scent naturally produced during fermentation by yeasts and other sugars. As we have not added perfumes or fragrances the residual scent of ethanol is present, however any odor dissipates quickly as the hand sanitizer dries.

Do you have a gel-based alternative?
At present, alcohol-based handrubs are the only known means for rapidly and effectively inactivating a wide array of potentially harmful microorganisms on hands. Currently we have no plans to produce any sanitizer other than the World Health Organization dry-rub Formulation 1 as it was developed to have a high ethanol content, thus increasing its effectiveness. Most gel sanitizers will begin to separate past 60% ethanol while this sanitizer is stable at 80%.

Do you have delivery options?
Due to the high percentage of ethanol in this product it has been deemed a hazardous material by shipping standards. While we are in the process of being certified by USPS, hazmat shipping will always have additional costs and regulations. We do currently offer limited delivery for large orders of hand sanitizer in the Portland Metro area. Cost will be calculated based on order quantity and travel distance with a $100 base fee. Please email us at helpinghands@newdealdistillery.com or call us at (503) 234-2513 if you are interested in this option.

I plan on getting pumps for my gallon containers, what size am I looking for?
Our gallon containers are standard F-style jugs with a 38-400 neck finish. Pumps can often be found through packaging distributors such as Berlin Packaging or SKS Bottle & Packaging.

I plan on putting my hand sanitizer into smaller containers, are there any that you would recommend? 
The hand sanitizer we are currently manufacturing is the World Health Organization dry-rub formula 1, which is a highly-effective liquid with a watery consistency that dries very fast. Due to its consistency, if you do decide to fill smaller bottles we would recommend looking into containers with spray/atomizer tops or bottles with flip-top caps.

I would like to use my hand sanitizer in an automatic or touch-free dispenser, do you have any recommendations?
Dispensers can be designed to work with gel, liquid or foam sanitizers. Due to the watery consistency of this product the most effective dispensers will be designed for liquid and built to spray rather than to distribute gel. Recommended touch free, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers can be found at Pivotal Clean’s Online Store. If you would like to test your dispenser with a single gallon rather than starting with a wholesale case you may purchase up to three gallons through our Online Retail Shop.

I plan on purchasing a 55-gallon drum to fill smaller containers with, what labeling requirements will these have?
Hand sanitizer is classed as an over-the-counter drug and is therefore regulated by the FDA, the TTB and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. As long as the hand sanitizer is being used in your own business (i.e. ’not for resale’) then it is permitted to refill dispensers or bottles without labeling them. The 55-gallon drum will have to be correctly labeled by the distillery and you will need to keep the SDS on file to meet OSHA requirements. According to the American Craft Spirits Association, this fulfills all of the FDA’s current labeling requirements.

Is this hand sanitizer denatured?
Yes, our hand sanitizer has been denatured with a strong natural bittering agent. This harmless but astringent additive is to remind you that this product is not intended for consumption.

What is the shelf life of this product? 
The WHO’s official recommendation is to use within 2 years but as this product is 80% ethanol it is always going to have some microbicidal efficacy.

Am I able to purchase bulk high-proof ethanol to produce an alternative disinfectant or cleaner?
We have a limited amount of bulk ethanol available for purchase to those with a valid TTB permit or IAA endorsement from the OLCC. A quote can be requested through our online wholesale store and proof of valid license will be required before purchase.

More questions?
If you have any further questions or concerns please email us at helpinghands@newdealdistillery.com or call us at (503) 234-2513