Donation Requests


Our city is full of activists, creators and ordinary citizens who do extraordinary things every day, and make our community a place we feel especially proud to be a part of. We are humbled and awed, and consider it an honor to support these individuals and organizations whenever we can. To that end, we’ve sponsored hundreds of charitable and cultural organizations throughout our community, including the Red Dress Event, the Bus Project, p:ear, and Dove Lewis Animal Hospital. Check out our Events Calendar to see what we’ve been up to lately. Or better yet, come to one of the events and support the great things happening in our community.

Donation Requests

Please reference the OLCC info for Special Event (Temporary) Licenses.

  • Only requests made by completing the form below will be considered. No requests will be taken by phone.
  • We will review your request as quickly as we can, but please give us as much notice as you can.
  • Because of the large volume of donation requests we receive, we can’t guarantee a timely response, so we apologize in advance if you don’t hear back from us.
  • If your request has been approved, we will send you an email notification. All donations must be picked-up at our Tasting Room in Portland, Oregon.