Winter Citrus Cocktail Recipe Roundup

man oh man mandarin orange sour

Winter citrus season is here! For us, that means bright, colorful cocktails despite these cold, grey days. Here are the juicy details:  Until March the stores will be full of appealing options like Cara Cara oranges, mandarins, blood orange, tangerines, tangelos, grapefruit, pomelos, and more. We strongly suggest picking up a a few of these beauties and shaking up some delicious drinks.

winter citrus cocktails

Cara Cara Oranges are one of the sweetest oranges you’ll taste and they make wonderful cocktail ingredients. If you like bourbon and ginger, you really have to try a Cara Cara Cooler. It has great flavor and plenty of zip thanks to our Ginger Liqueur. Is a silky sour more your style? If so, why not pick up a bright, tangy tangelo and give our Tangelo Sour a whirl? But if a winter shandy is calling your name, we suggest Can I Get a Citrus. This one features the pomelo, a very large green fruit that tastes similar to sweet grapefruit. We think it pairs perfectly with our Ginger Liqueur and an IPA. But maybe you have a bag of mandarins? Why not squeeze a few and treat yourself to a zesty take on a sour? We swap orange for lemon and opt for Old Tom Gin in the Man, Oh Man. Trust us, the results are fabulous. Perhaps you’d like to try the Tangerine Dream? This rosemary and tangerine Sidecar riff made with our Distiller’s Workshop Brandy is definitely worth getting out of bed. And did we mention it has a sugar rim?

blood orange cocktails

How do you feel about blood oranges? Here, we love them! They have rich orange flavor and add a fun pop of color to winter drinks. In the Thyme of the Season sunny New Deal Pear Brandy, smoky mezcal, and blood orange come together in a bright, herbaceous winter cocktail. We think you’ll really like it. Are you an Old Fashioned fan? You could explore the classic combination of orange and chocolate in the Mud Puddle Old Fashioned? You’ll love how the cocoa infused vodka, bourbon, and blood orange combine for this muddled delight. Want to keep things simple? Try out the Blood Orange Gin and Tonic. Simply mix gin, tonic water, blood orange juice, and a squeeze of lime for a fun wintery G&T. Or how about a bright, pink vodka cocktail? Rip it Up is a super tasty way to take advantage of citrus season.winter citrus grapefruit cocktails

And while you are more than likely familiar with the joys of fresh-squeezed grapefruit, you might consider refreshing your memory while these beauties are in season. This weekend could be the perfect time to make a Salty Dog for brunch. Tart grapefruit and a salty rim can be a real chef’s kiss moment. Or you could shake up a Pink Cashmere and enjoy all that fluffy foam on top of a pretty, pink grapefruit sour. If light and bubbly is more your speed, we’d suggest a Grapefruit Fizz. You’ll love how our herbaceous Gin No. 1 combines with fresh-squeezed grapefruit and aromatic rosemary. But maybe you’re the type of person that would like to pretend it isn’t winter at all? If that’s the case, we’d recommend taking a sub-tropical escape with the Cat’s Paw. This play on a Hemingway daiquiri opts for Old Tom Gin and couldn’t taste more like sipping on sunshine. Cheers!



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