Versatile Cola Cocktail Syrup

cola syrup made with vanilla, citrus, and aromatic spices

Why yes, this syrup does make an amazing Rum & Cola! You should definitely consider ditching the corn syrup and try mixing our house-made Cola Syrup with Distiller’s Cut Rum and bubbly water. It’s ultra-tasty and super refreshing. But this syrup is a lot more than a one trick Rum and Cola pony. It’s made with a blend of vanilla, citrus, and aromatic spices which lends itself to plenty more cocktails. If you think of it as more of spiced vanilla citrus syrup, you could unlock some delicious cocktailing possibilities.

cola spiced citrus and vanilla syrup cocktails


Maybe you want to take advantage of summer strawberries? Great idea! Muddle a couple strawberries with Cola Syrup and shake with ice and Distillers’s Reserve Bourbon. Or you could try it with our Wheat Whiskey, it’s equally delish. Top with soda, garnish with a strawberry, and voilà. You are about to sip a delicious strawberry vanilla whiskey cola. It has just the right amount of sweetness and there’s a reason we named it Strawberry Bliss.

cola syrup cocktails vanilla brandy old fashioned and vanilla citrus old tom gin fizz

Any Old Fashioned fans out there? We have to say, the flavors in this syrup work beautifully with our Distiller’s Workshop Brandy in the Have You Ever cocktail. Stir the Brandy, cola syrup, and bitters with ice and you’re well on your way to a perfectly balanced, vanilla spiced Brandy Old Fashioned. Just pour over a large cube and garnish with an orange peel. But what if we told you that you have to try this syrup with our barrel-rested Old Tom Gin? The combination of citrus and vanilla in this Old Tom Gin fizz gives major dreamsicle vibes. We call this one Dream On and it is truly heavenly to sip. And while egg white cocktails do require a little extra shaking, it’s well worth it for that silky texture and fluffy egg white foam. Cheers to summer and Cola Syrup cocktails!



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