Tropical Cocktails 101: Orgeat vs Falernum

fog cutter tiki cocktail

If you’re a fan of tropical cocktails then you’ve probably seen these ingredients listed on some of your favorite drink menus, but what are they exactly? And, more importantly, how can you use them at home?

Orgeat is a sweet almond based syrup with a rich and nutty flavor, most famous for being a fundamental part of your mai tai. While almonds are also an ingredient in falernum, these syrups are not actually interchangeable. Falernum balances its sweetness with the spice of ginger, clove and citrus, creating a much more complex and zingy flavor. Ok, but how do I use them?

new deal tropical cocktails

Lucky for you, we were inspired by all the sun lately and went on a serious tropical cocktail deep dive. Enjoy orgeat syrup in a Spiced Mai Tai (which adds just a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg to arguably the most famous tropical cocktail of all time), a Fog Cutter, or a really good Screwdriver. Looking to experiment with falernum instead? Enjoy falernum in a Rum Swizzle, Zombie cocktail, or the Drink from Ipanema. Or, combine the two syrups in a refreshing and citrus forward Pineapple Saturn.

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