Tropical Cocktail Recipe Roundup

new deal higgy baby tropical daiquiri

This is the time of year when we’re over the cold weather and are looking forward to warmer days. Some of us travel to sunny destinations for spring break and others simply have to pretend. Luckily, we find that tropical drinks have a particularly transportive quality. Sipping these cocktails makes it easy to imagine yourself on a beach surrounded by palm trees. One of the most popular and often riffed on tropical cocktails is the classic daiquiri. With the right ratios, this simple combination of rum, lime juice, and sugar is seriously delicious. It’s also conducive for all sorts of fun twists. In the Two Tickets we’ve added a hefty amount of Peychaud’s bitters and freshly graded nutmeg. You’ll find that the cherry and anise flavors from the Peychaud’s elevate the rum while the nutmeg energizes the lime, really lifting the daiquiri to the next level. Plus, who doesn’t love a pink drink? In the Higgy Baby (why yes, that is a Magnum P.I. reference), you’ll notice plenty of sunny pear and pineapple flavors courtesy of our Pear Brandy and Tropical Pineapple Syrup. And if you’re a fan of spicy fresh ginger, you’ll love the Ginger Pineapple Daiquiri.

daiquiri tropical cocktail recipes

Now, with strawberry season right around the corner, you’ll definitely want to try this Strawberry Daiquiri recipe. After just a quick muddle and shake, you’ll have a vibrant cocktail in hand. Do you have 30 minutes to spare? If so, spring rhubarb is nearly here and it would be well worth it to make a quick and easy rhubarb syrup. This lovely pink Rhubarb Daiquiri could be yours in no time. You could also switch things up with Old Tom Gin in the Cat’s Paw. The fresh-squeezed grapefruit in this play on a Hemingway Daiquiri will have you feeling those sunny Key West vibes. Or how about busting out the blender for a frozen berry daiquiri inspired by a berry cobbler? Our Distiller’s Workshop Spiced Rum adds baking spice notes while the tartness of the berries and lime keep the drink balanced and not too sweet.

spiced rum tropical cocktails

Speaking of Spiced Rum, these next few drinks take advantage of all those baking spice flavors that pair so well with fruity, tropical flavors. If you’d like a sophisticated, spirit-forward option, then the super-smooth Sleepy Tiki is for you. Been to New Orleans lately? They say it’s the gateway to the tropics and what better way to dream of the Big Easy than with this fabulous Hurricane in hand? Or why not go full tiki with a Zombie? But watch out— this old school tropical cocktail packs a punch. Fans of the Jungle Bird will like this next riff on the tiki classic. In the Fowl Play we combine Spiced Rum, Campari, and our Tropical Pineapple Syrup for a delightfully bitter banger. We also think you might like this Spiced Mai Tai with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg from the spiced rum float. Just don’t forget the mint— it’s key for classic mai tai aromatics.

tropical gin drinks

Any gin fans out there? You might be pleased to know there are several tropical options for you too. The Saturn is probably the most popular gin-based tiki drink— you should try this Pineapple Saturn made with our Gin 33 and Tropical Pineapple Syrup. It is truly delicious. And while gin might not be the only spirit in the Fog Cutter, this classic combines several flavors for one fabulous result. Plus, it’s a great excuse to break out your tiki mug collection. But what about our New Deal Gin No. 1, you ask? We think it’s perfect in the Slabtown Sling, our Pacific Northwest take on another popular gin-based tiki drink. And Suddenly Summer, also made with Gin No. 1, says it all with its big mango flavors— it’s like sipping sunshine.

more tropical cocktail recipes

How do you feel about passionfruit? We think it’s a fabulous cocktail ingredient and love it in Cross the Bridge. This drink is tart, bright, and super refreshing. Wondering where the heck you’ll find passionfruit in the PNW? We used Pitaya Foods frozen passion fruit cubes found at Sheridan or Whole Foods. Hoping for a super easy tropical cocktail? These next two are built in the glass— no shaking or stirring required. If a tall, bubbly drink brimming with pineapple, cinnamon, and vanilla flavors sounds good, then the Pineapple Princess is for you. Garnish with an aromatic cinnamon stick or colorful cocktail umbrella and definitely put on the namesake tune while you sip. For the Drink From Ipanema, simply combine Distiller’s Cut Rum, lime, and falernum syrup with ice for a drink that tastes like a spiced version of the Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil. Or how about the Great Escape for the staycation win? We love the crushed ice and grenadine float. But maybe you can’t shake the cold, dreary weather and would like a warming, spirit-forward option? Get the best of both worlds with the Pineapple Express. This tropical old fashioned is made with aromatic Pear Brandy and our aged Old Tom Gin for those toasty barrel notes. And while you have the Pear Brandy out, you really must try our Imaginary Vacation. The aromatic eau de vie brings the sunshine while mango pairs flawlessly with cinnamon. Cheers to tropical cocktails!




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