Spirit-Forward Cocktail Recipe Roundup

gin number one negroni spirit forward cocktail

When we say spirit-forward cocktails, likely some familiar favorites come to mind— the Martini, Manhattan, Nergroni, and Old Fashioned. Comprised mostly of booze, these drinks are typically centered around a robust base spirit with only vermouth, bitters, syrups, or liqueurs as the other ingredients. These boozy bevs are certainly on the stronger side but perhaps that’s why they’re so popular this time of year. When it’s cold out, sipping a stiff drink is a nice way to keep warm.

spirit forward cocktails

Now, the Old Fashioned is a well-loved cocktail that’s often riffed on for a reason. It can be made a number of different ways (muddled, stirred, with whiskey, brandy, rum, plus infinite syrup options), but at its heart, it’s a delicious combination of base spirit, sugar, and bitters. You can’t go wrong with a classic New Deal Old Fashioned but if you’d like to explore some different iterations, do read on. Are you up for a PNW Old Fashioned? This fresh and aromatic take melds the aroma of PNW Bartlett pears, vanilla, and just a touch of oak. How does a tropical Old Fashioned sound? For the Pineapple Express we’ve split the base combining both Pear Brandy and our barrel-rested Old Tom Gin. We’ve also ditched the simple syrup and replaced it with our house-made Pineapple Syrup which brings vanilla, orange peel, and cinnamon to your glass. Maybe a Strawberry Old Fashioned is more your style? Here we’ve opted for Distiller’s Workshop Brandy and an easy strawberry syrup. But if a crisp, cold alpine vibe is what you’re looking for, the Cold Fashioned is for you. Inspired by the flora found in the Cascade Mountains, our herbal Cascadia Liqueur brings just the right amount of bittersweetness to this aptly named cold weather Old Fashioned.

If you’d like to explore another liqueur option, give our Cascara Old Fashioned a go. It gets its sweetness from the sun-dried coffee cherry flavors of our Cascara Liqueur. But maybe you’d like to consider some not-too-sweet chocolate options? Muddled blood orange, bourbon, and coacoa nib infused spirit make the Mud Puddle Old Fashioned a real treat. If you prefer classic orange flavor, try out the delightful David Bowie. Ever wondered what Willy Wonka would drink after a hard day’s work? Our best guess is Wonka Vision— a stirred combination of Mud Puddle and Bourbon.

negroni variations

The Negroni is another spirit-forward cocktail we love. It’s delightfully bitter and delicious with crisp, classic Gin 33 or savory Gin No. 1. If you have time to infuse your Campari with strawberries (just over night), it would be time well spent. The Heart Crusher Negroni is really quite divine. Or maybe you want to take the white Negroni route? The Negroni Blanc is still an easy three ingredient cocktail (with a few dashes of added bitters) and is a fun way to mix things up. For this herbal variation we’ve kept Gin 33 as the base spirit and swapped our Cascadia Bitter Liqueur for Campari and Cocchi Americano for sweet vermouth.

more spirit forward cocktails

Any Manhattan fans out there? Have you tried incorporating our Ginger Liqueur for a super tasty Ginger Manhattan? Or this Manhattan interpretation we call How’s the Weather? You’ll love how the juniper and rose from the Old Tom Gin pair perfectly with the apricot and burnt orange aromas from the amaro. And speaking of Old Tom Gin, when’s the last time you had a Martinez? With aspects of both the Manhattan and the Martini, this drink is thought to be the missing link between the two. Or what about a Vieux Carré? This New Orleans classic combines Rye, Brandy, sweet vermouth, a little Bénédictine, and Peychaud’s Bitters. If you haven’t had one in a while, it really hits the spot. Or maybe you’d like a Cascadia Carré? Here we swap in our Cascadia Liqueur in place of sweet vermouth for an ultra PNW variation. You could also ‘laissez les bons temps rouler’ with a Gin 1 Sazerac. It might sound strange to stir this classic with Gin instead of Rye, but trust us— it’s delicious. For those who can’t stop thinking about somewhere warm when the temperature drops, we’d suggest the Sleepy Tiki. This tropical tipple features our exceptionally smooth small-batch Spiced Rum and is quite a nice escape. In the mood to get amped? We didn’t leave you out—the Revolver is the cocktail for you. The mix of bourbon, bitters, and our Coffee Liqueur gives this cocktail robust coffee flavor and real buzz. Of course, we could keep going with more spirit-forward concoctions but we’ll stop here. Stir up a few and tell us what you think! Cheers!



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