New Deal Craft Spirits

Whether you seek classic cocktails, craft cocktails, culinary cocktails, fun cocktails or just something to sip, New Deal has a spirit for every occasion. We’ve been crafting our spirits with passion and precision since 2004, using the best local ingredients and customized distillation equipment.

Founder and Chief Distiller, Tom Burkleaux likes to compare our vodka to a good loaf of bread – a quality staple, made with pride, that you can afford to stock in the pantry. You can also shake things up with vodka infused with chili peppers or cocoa nibs, or one of our carefully crafted liqueurs. Our gins give a portrait of the juniper berry that is simple yet sophisticated, and great for cocktails. The Distiller’s Workshop Series provides a window into the limited batches we’re working on, such as whiskey, rum, brandy, and bitter liqueur, among others.

When all is said and done, the best cocktail is the one in your hand. Mix yours with craft spirits made right, made right here!

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