Muddled Cocktails: Recipe Roundup

You’ve likely noticed the markets are full of fresh fruit and herbs right now, which means it’s a very exciting time for cocktails. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, watermelon— all of these delicious summer fruits make excellent cocktail ingredients, as do fresh herbs like mint, basil, thyme, and sage. What’s great is that you can easily incorporate these bright flavors into your cocktails with the help of your muddler. Gently apply pressure to fruit and herbs with that magic wooden stick and you’ll soon be sipping some very drinks. So bust out that muddler and try some of these summery muddled cocktail recipes.

muddled cocktails

How do you feel about raspberries? If you are pro-raspberry and pro-mint, we think you’ll like be pro-Peppermint Twist. This is a winning flavor combination, plus the mint iced tea really ups the refreshment factor on a hot day. When the temperature rises, gin fans often like to cool down with a Tom Collins, but maybe you’d like to try a Raspberry Tom Collins? It’s tart, fruity, and very refreshing. You just might end up liking it more than the original. Do you have some sage in your garden? You’ve got to try this Raspberry Sage Vodka Collins. It’s oh-so-tasty and you can get creative with sage, lemon, and raspberry options for garnish. Or change it up and try blackberries instead in the Blackberry Sage Vodka Lemonade.

muddled cocktails

Is your herb garden bursting with basil? Perhaps we can interest you in these next few cocktails. If you like spicy drinks, the Temperature Rising is for you. Our Hot Monkey Pepper-Flavored Vodka heats things up but coconut water, lime, and basil will cool you down. Love strawberries? Muddle them with basil for a fruity and herbaceous Strawberry Basil Cooler. It’s one of our favorite summer cocktails. Do you have a bottle of our Old Tom Gin on your bar cart? Our barrel-rested gin, muddled basil, lemon, and egg white come together for this inspired sour we call the Farm Cat.

muddled cocktails

Do we have any watermelon fans out there? Our Ginger Liqueur compliments juicy watermelon and tequila in this Ginger Watermelon Margarita. It really is a fabulous cocktail, hot day or not. But if you prefer vodka, you should definitely try the Heat Exchange. It’s got cooling mint, fresh watermelon, tart lime, and Portland 90 Vodka. What’s not to like?

muddled cocktails

Maybe you have some fresh blueberries on hand and aren’t quite sure what cocktail to make? Picture It. You’re sipping a delicious combination of muddled blueberries, Portland Dry Gin 33, and fantastically tart Limonata di Sicilia soda garnished with a spring of fresh mint. We might also suggest a Blueberry Thyme Vodka Smash. This flavor pairing is A1 and it makes for quite a pretty drink. But what about the cherries? We didn’t forget them. Try out the Cherry Baby for a super summery cherry lime cocktail made with our Distiller’s Cut Rum. And for those wondering if they can turn that juicy peach that’s sitting on the kitchen counter into a cocktail, the answer is yes. Our spicy Hot Monkey Vodka, sweet tea syrup, and summer peaches come together in the Ross Island Iced Tea. If heating things up is your thing, you might also like This Spicy Little Number. Our muddled jalapeño cocktail certainly bring the heat, but in a balanced, refreshing way that will ultimately cool you down. If you’re more of a tropical drink person, Suddenly Summer is for you. Pick up a mango and shake up this cocktail for all the porchy, warm weather vibes. And please, for us, don’t go all summer without a Piña Colada. This recipe skips the blender and instead calls for muddling fresh, juicy pineapple. It’s oh-so-good and really a must try. Happy muddling and cheers to summer!





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