Distiller’s Workshop Series

The Distiller’s Workshop Series is our small-batch, limited release line of spirits, including brandies, rums, white dogs, moonshines, and other specialty craft spirits. The Distiller’s Workshop line is only available in the New Deal Tasting Room as we craft them throughout the year. Our current Distiller’s Workshop Series includes:

NEW New Deal Spiced Rum

45% alcohol by volume // 375ml

Begins with warm vanilla and nutmeg on the nose that gives way to cinnamon, clove, allspice, black pepper, and orange. Exceptionally smooth and full of aromatics, this spiced rum shines in spirit-forward cocktails. And yes, it makes an amazing hot buttered rum.

  • Open-air, house-fermented from sugar cane wash
  • Double pot-distilled & aged 2+ years in American Oak barrels
  • Infused with a combination of classic & experimental spices

NEW New Deal Nocino Liqueur

30% alcohol by volume // 375ml

Italian green walnut liqueur made from in-house infusion of black and English walnuts foraged throughout the Portland area in Summer 2018 & 2019. Clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices are added to round out the infusion. The result is a delicious after dinner sipper that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks with a citrus twist.

  • Infused in house-distilled grain neutral spirits
  • Organic citrus & baking spices add complexity
  • Sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice

NEW New Deal Rye Whiskey 2019

42% alcohol by volume // 375ml

This single barrel Rye whiskey is earthy and mellow with notes of leather, tobacco, cherry, and hay. The dry, rye spice and vegetal flavors make it easy to sip and savor either on its own or in a sazarac or old fashioned. Enjoy this limited release while available— only fifty cases were bottled from the barrel.

  • Rye, unmalted & malted barley mash
  • Mashed, fermented, distilled & aged in-house
  • Double pot-distilled
  • Aged 4.4 years in new American Oak barrels

New Deal Old Tom Gin

45% alcohol by volume // 750ml

Distilled with over 20 botanicals and barrel-aged in French oak, this gem is back and better than ever. Juniper, rose petal, citrus, and orris root add depth and texture. Used Oregon wine barrels bring warm, toasted notes.

  • Pot-distilled in-house from 100% grain
  • Organic juniper and other botanicals
  • Aged in Oregon wine barrels

New Deal Brandy

40% alcohol by volume // 750ml

The perfumed aroma of rose and lavender blends beautifully with the scent of ripe berries and raisin. A delicate flavor of sugared plum and stone fruit matches deepened pinot noir and toasted oak undertones. Long, smooth finish with hints of cherry blossom, pink peppercorn, caramel, and vanilla.

  • Wine varietals from the Pacific Northwest
  • Pot-distilled on a Christian Carl Brandy Still.
  • Aged over 2 years (26 months)

Distiller’s Cut Rum

43% alcohol by volume // 750ml

Crafted in the French Agricole style, this small-batch rum is distilled in our copper pot still from a sugar cane fermentation to capture a butterscotch aroma with lime blossom overtones, and the taste of caramel and buttercream with hints of green banana. Perfect for a caipirinha, mojito, or classic daiquiri.

  • Sugar cane wash
  • Slow fermentation
  • Pot distilled twice, Distiller’s Cut
  • Unfiltered and unaged
  • Captures caramel and butterscotch notes of sugar cane


New Deal Amber Rum

40% alcohol by volume // 750ml

A spicy aroma leads to a pleasing warmth on the nose, punctuated by the scent of pineapple and toasted oak. Delight in a buttery mouth feel with deep notes of vanilla and caramel juxtaposed with lighter floral notes and subtle hints of citrus. An encore of pineapple gives this rum a tropical fruit finish.

  • Sugar cane wash
  • Open-air fermentation
  • Double pot-distilled
  • Aged 2+ years in American Oak barrels

New Deal Smoked Bourbon Whiskey 2017

42% alcohol by volume // 375ml

A complex aroma greets the nose with layers of banana, vanilla and wood smoke. The first sip surprises with the warm, spicy flavor of bitter chocolate, balanced with lighter floral notes and a hint of spearmint. A slight herbal finish lingers on the palate.

  • Bourbon mash
  • Mashed, fermented, distilled & aged in-house
  • Twice-distilled in copper pot still
  • Aged 2 1/2 years

New Deal Rye Whiskey 2018

42% alcohol by volume // 375ml

Bold aromas of oak and caramel lead the way to smoky undertones. The flavor of rich rye mingles with spice and citrus tempered by notes of fresh wood. A persistent finish is permeated with hints of leather.

  • Rye & malted barley mash
  • Mashed, fermented, distilled & aged in-house
  • Copper pot distilled
  • Aged 2 1/2 years in new American oak

New Deal Apple Brandy 2016

40% alcohol by volume // 750ml and 375ml

Apple blossom and toasted oak aromas are punctuated by the scent of crisp green apple. The taste of fresh apple leads into deeper notes of stone fruit with hints of banana and vanilla. The long, sweet finish is lightly perfumed with lingering toasted oak.

  • Fall-harvested, fresh-pressed apples
  • Fermented in-house
  • Pot-distilled
  • Aged 18 months

New Deal Bourbon Single Barrel 2015

42% alcohol by volume // 375ml

Aromas of honey-roasted nuts, warm toasted oak, and chocolate malt give a round impression on the nose. Sweet flavors of vanilla, rich caramel, and baked fruit balance with deeper notes of pecan and cinnamon. Long, pleasant finish marked by vanilla and honey and hints of chocolate and hazelnut.

  • Bourbon mash
  • Mashed and fermented in-house
  • Twice-distilled in a copper pot still
  • Aged 2 years

Single-Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 2014

42% alcohol by volume // 750ml

Aromas of apple, light caramel, paprika, and ginger-bread on the nose. Flavors of pear, apple, and grilled corn, with hints of cinnamon, clove, and toasted marshmallow and deep grain notes persisting throughout. Long smooth finish reminiscent of leather and wood fire, with very subtle smoky elements.

  • Mashed and fermented in-house
  • Twice-distilled in a copper pot still
  • Aged 1 year in charred new American Oak barrels

Old Tom Gin 2014

45% alcohol by volume // 750ml

Pleasingly complex and perfumed nose with strong aromas of sweet lemon, vanilla, cedar, and clary sage. Aged in Oregon wine barrels to impart delicate oak and grape flavors that balance with juniper and a blend of citruses. Notes of spruce, lemon balm, cherry and vanilla mingle on the palette with a lovely finish.

  • Pot-distilled gin
  • Aged 9 months in (French oak) Oregon wine barrels
  • Distilled from 100% grain


Rye White Dog Whiskey

42% alcohol by volume // 750ml

The earthy aromas of sweet grain and sapling bark evolve into cherry blossom, banana, and apple peel with each sip. The flavor is a pleasing combination of green apple, pear, and white chocolate, with sensations of caraway spice and sweet fennel in the aftertaste for a very clean finish.

  • Small-batch grain fermentation
  • Copper pot-distilled and un-aged
  • Rye with barley and malted barley

Smoked Bourbon White Dog Whiskey

42% alcohol by volume // 750ml

Our Smoked Bourbon White Dog has the aromas of cut oats and freshly husked corn on the nose, with just a hint of smoke that develops as you take your first sip and a finish of hazelnut and sunflower seed. The subtle smoke marries beautifully with barrel oak if you choose to age this white dog at home.

  • Small-batch grain fermentation
  • Copper pot-distilled and un-aged

Bourbon White Dog Whiskey

42% alcohol by volume // 750ml

The strong aroma of fermented grain is tempered by a sweetness that greets the tip of the tongue upon sipping. The scent of clover flowers gives a top note to the taste of fresh sweet corn, watermelon and cantaloupe, and green apple. After a brief pop of heat that calls to mind freshly baked cornbread, this white dog has a light and round finish.

  • Small-batch grain fermentation
  • Copper pot-distilled and un-aged
  • Corn with wheat and malted barley