Distiller’s Reserve Whiskeys

These premium Oregon Straight whiskeys are fermented and distilled in-house at our distillery in Southeast Portland. Each one spends over three years aging in new charred American oak barrels to mellow and enhance their flavor. We hope you enjoy!

New Deal Distiller’s Reserve Oregon Straight Wheat Whiskey

Oregon Straight
Wheat Whiskey

40% ALC. BY VOL. // 750ML

A soft, accessible sipping whiskey that starts with brown sugar and caramel on the nose, a bit of char, straw, golden raisin, and cherry on the palate, with a long, toasted grain finish. Made from soft winter wheat and aged three years, this whiskey is excellent served neat, on ice, or mixed in a number of classic whiskey cocktails. 
OLCC #4581B

New Deal Distiller's Reserver Oregon Straight Rye Whiskey

Oregon Straight
Rye Whiskey

40% ALC. BY VOL. // 750ML

A smooth, approachable Rye Whiskey that begins with buttered caramel, cocoa powder, and campfire on the nose. Aged three years, this whiskey is round and earthy with notes of toasted rye cracker, cumin, and cinnamon with a dry, minted finish. The mellow flavor and classic rye spice lends itself to traditional rye cocktails, as well as sipping neat or on ice. OLCC #4580B

Oregon Straight Bourbon Whiskey

40% ALC. BY VOL. // 750ML

An easy-drinking, high-corn whiskey with vanilla, pipe smoke, and caramelized sugar on the nose. This bourbon has notes of raisin, straw, masa, and molasses with a warming, lingering finish. An excellent choice for occasions and cocktails that call for bourbon whiskey.
OLCC #4579B

Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

New Deal Pink Lady Cocktail Recipe

Pink Lady

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New Deal Peppermint Patty Cocktail Recipe

Peppermint Patty

Sometimes on a cold night, nothing quite hits the spot like a minty hot chocolate treat.

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